“The Serbian Army”(“Srpska Armija”), page 152

“The Serbian Herald”(“Srpski Glasnik”), page 8








The old Serbian saying teaches that the earth has sworn to the heaven that all secrets will be revealed and people will not be treated by their origin but they will have honest treatment…


These days we have got documentation which leads to the answer – WHO KILLED THE KING OF YUGOSLAVIA ALEKSANDAR KARADJORDJEVIC. We haven’t got these writings from many professors, who are devoted in dealing with national culture but at the same time they seam to be neglecting their occupation with national existence. We got the documentation from the hardworking emissary who had been raised in the bosom of the regime’s faction.


On October 9th, 1934, in Marseille, villain Petrus Kellerman had killed our king of Yugoslavia Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, with three shots to the head and to the heart.

The King was in the official visit to France regarding tensed relations between Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Mussolini’s fascist Italy.

The French minister of foreign affairs Mr. Lois Barhold, who was sitting next to our King, had been shot to the arm.

The assassin had been killed right there at the scene of the crime.

This treacherous crime had been imputed to the Croats right away, since it head been discovered that the assassin was Croat’s nationalist. However, French Secret Service had been ordered, from the highest positions, to discover who was behind this loathsome crime, since the crime hadn’t been committed only against the King of Yugoslavia, but against the Republic of France as well. According to the international laws, host-country is responsible for the consequences during the official visit…

Fascist Italy and Croat’s fascist Ante Pavelic, who enjoyed full Mussolini’s support and protection, were first on the list of the investigators of the French Secret Service. Besides, fascist did brag out loud that they had organized that crime.

However, Pavelic’s effort to find all those who could testify in front Mussolini that Petrus Kellerman was, indeed the member of the Croat’s secret fascist organization, didn’t pass unnoticed for the French Secret Service. Lead by that fact, they came to the conclusion that fascist were trying to use this crime so that they could reinforce their positions, even though Mussolini were trembling with fear just at the thought to arouse French anger. He was aware that France would have been vent its fury on him, if they had found the proof that Pavelic is really the one to be blamed for this crime. That is why Mussolini officially denied any kind of involvement with this filthy crime, but he was still bragging, off the record that Dr. Pavelic managed to kill the King. But, French Secret Service came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a single solid proof which could directly associate Kellerman with Pavelic. That is why the investigation of the French Secret Service went to the other direction. They wanted to find out if the killing of the Yugoslavian King and the attempt of killing French minister of foreign affairs had something to do Austrian revenge, because of the Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo!

The investigation had revealed that Petrus Kellerman was in collusion with some individuals from Vienna, who actually weren’t the citizens of Austria but illegal immigrants from Yugoslavia.  And finally, the investigation discovered that one of these illegal citizens is called Gorkic. It’s been ascertained that Gorkic had given the money to Kellerman on several occasions, between 1930 until 1933.





However, since the crime had been committed in 1934 and since there was no witnesses willing to say anything, the investigators find it impossible to connect all revealed facts into the conspiracy. But, they have also discovered that a certain member of the secret Austrian military service had visited France several times in 1934, between April and the beginning of October. During every visit he would have contacted the villain Kellerman as well. Austrian authorities had rejected these findings of the French Secret Service, calling it “the subversion of the Serbs and capricious French”.

That is how the investigation of the French Secret Service came to the dead-end street and it seamed that Kellerman had really took the secret of who is really behind this crime, to his grave…

However, even today, 54 years after this crime, French investigators are convinced that there was conspiracy involved in organizing the assassination of the Yugoslavian King and that mysterious representative of the mysterious Gorkic, who had represented himself as the agent of the Austrian secret military-intelligence service, gave the assignment and the money to Kellerman. It’s been proven that had met in France on several occasions immediately before the assassination.

Investigators of the French secret Service who had been retired a long time ago are still searching for the answer to this “investigation of the century”, as they called at their time…

They are convinced that the findings of the investigation are true—“certain Gorkic” from Vienna, who was in contact with Kellerman since 1930 and 1933, was indeed the representative of the conspiracy in the early stage of preparation of this crime. Our recent investigation had discovered who “mysterious Gorkic” really is. Certain Gorkic had really lived at that time in Vienna and his name was Milan Gorkic. He was the chief of the Comintern for the Balkans with the main-office in Vienna. He received Petrus Kellerman on several occasions, during which he gave him large amounts of money.

Therefore, if this “Gorkic” who had been discovered by the French secret service and who lived in Vienna at that time, really paid Kellerman, then that is the proof of who had really killed our King. It’s been proven that Gorkic had stopped all contacts with Kellerman during the fall in 1933…. But, the contact had been reestablished during the spring in 1934, over an Austrian secret agent, who carried confidential mail to Kellerman and gave him instructions and the money for his work in France.

French investigators had ratified that this Austrian agent used to be the corporal in the Austrian army and that her is of Croatian descent. He had been inserted into the system of the communists, by the assignment of the Austrian secret service. He was gathering data about the communist’s organizations, at the time of the Yugoslav Kingdom. This agent penetrated into the highest levels of communist groups, where Moshe Pijade and Dr. Pavle Gregoric were. It had been confirmed that Dr. Gregoric had set this “mysterious Croat” right after he served his sentence in prison off to Vienna with the assignment to get connected with “comrade” Gorkic who will give him the job. This mysterious Croat was tested and he became trustworthy agent for the secret contacts of the international swindlers and bandits who served their time in prisons of Yugoslav kingdom.

It is not that hard to prove who this “mysterious Croat” is–the agent of the Austrian secret service. He had been revealed in the investigation of the French secret service.

The fact is that Josip Broz Tito had left the prison in Maribor on March 12th, 1934 and that he went to Vienna and only later to Belgrade.

The fact is that Josip Broz Tito had met Gorkic in Vienna and that they had spent several days together.

The fact is that Gorkic, as the chief of Cominterna for the Balkans, obliged Josip Broz to lead secret organization, which shorten version sounded like TITO.

The fact is that as the leader of this organization, he had the assignment to go to France under the false name, which wasn’t his first or the last time to do something like that.

Josip Broz is “the Croat” revealed by the French secret service, which contacted Kellerman in France in 1934 and gave him the assignment, money and probably the weapons, as well.

Did this “cunning man from Zagorje” inform his superiors in the Ministry of the Austrian army, whose corporal he used to be and as such he acted in the interests of Austria, or did he conceal it, history will show when we will be able to open secret dossiers…

The French investigation had shown that this “mysterious Croat” who we know that is Josip Broz Tito, had vanished from the face of the earth after the killing of the King Aleksandar.

At the time if his disappearance, French investigators couldn’t establish the identity of the “secret Croat”—secret agent of the Austrian military-intelligence.

Austrians kept it secret, for various reasons:

Secret “mysterious agent” known to French investigators only as the “corporal” and “the Croat” worked either by the orders of Austria or by the orders of Stalin.

If he had worked by the knowledge and the orders of Austria, then it is quite understandable that Austria wanted to hide it. If he had operate by the orders of Stalin and he hadn’t report to his Austrian commanders, then it was also painful for his Austrian superiors and again—they had reason to keep it in secret.

If he had worked by the orders of the Austrians, then they knew that he hadn’t disappeared from the face of the earth, but that he is in Moscow.

Anyway, Austrians sabotaged the investigation of the French investigators in order to prevent them from discovering their agent, who was very important to the Austrians. They also knew that he was in Moscow at that time, infiltrated among members of the COM intern for Balkans.

If the Austrians had been set up by this “cunning man from Zagorje”—once again they had reasons to be quiet about it because they were too ashamed to admit it and that is why they had sabotaged investigation if the French service.

However, the fact that Josip Broz had been appointed as the leader of the secret terrorist organization—illegal communist party in Vienna—with the nickname TITO, speaks for itself. Investigation of the French service has established that this, once “mysterious Croat” got nickname TITO just at the time of the assassination of the Yugoslav King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

The proof that Josip Broz was secret organizer of the execution of the King is also the fact that Tito had dared to leave Soviet Union not before then October 1936. He was also protected by the Comintern since he was officially appointed as the chief of the communist party of Yugoslavia. But still, in spite of this masquerade which purpose was to lead the investigation into the wrong direction and to keep him out of suspicion, Broz first leaves to Vienna and then to Belgrade.

The first thing that he had done in Vienna was to order Gorkic to go to Moscow. But, Gorkic was executed in Moscow by the powerful Beria’a organization. They killed him as alleged “traitor of the communism”.

However, the reason of Gorkic’s execution was removal of the last living witness, who connects Josip Broz Tito and real initiator and organizer of the cold-blooded murder of Yugoslavian King.

Dossier with the results of the French secret service investigation about the murder of the king Aleksandar must be brought to the light, without any retouch. The truth must be presented without any favorites.

This crime isn’t the past!!!

Duty of the Serbian nation today is to demand from the French justice organs to reveal the facts from the investigation of the French secret service. This crime of the Yugoslavian communists was just one of the first ones of many more to come over the Serbian nation, in general…




From the reasons of the personal safety, it is impossible to name the Serb who had discovered this documentation. However, SERBIAN NATIONAL COMMETTE FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and SERBIAN NATIONAL DEFENSE are grateful to this Serbian brother and his conscience, in the name of the entire Serbian nation.

This kind of effort to reveal the truth, motivated by conscience, should be the only guiding principle to contemporary Serbian intellectual in the homeland and in immigration. This kind of conscience work is really a national work and effort for rebirth of the Serbian cause; the work of the noble and unselfish Serbian representatives who are building Serbian conscience and new and better perspective, without expecting any academic prizes and rewards…




Opposite to the rest of the nations on the territory of the Yugoslav puppet state and opposite to controlled world press and frame of mind of the world’s officials and when on the threshold to turn the demonstrations organized and controlled by the communists into joint Serbian barricade of the struggle to endure and revive Serbian nation, it is necessary to supplement documentation of this honorable Serbian brother with several facts more, which prove that history to the Serb is not historical past, but inexorable solve of the present!!!

At the beginning of the 1934, on the secret meeting in Brussels, execution of the King had been organized into the details. Josip Broz Tito and Ante Pavelic set next to each other, on that occasion.

Milan Gorkic is a false name. Real name is Kuzmecki and it comes from the family which moved into Sarajevo.

There are also documents in the archives of the former People’s League, which can bring new light to this horrible crime.

Austrian connection with Comintern continues. Kurt Waldheim supported Nazi-connection with Josip Broz, during the war, exactly because Josip Broz was the leader if the organization called TITO. That organization actively participated in the secret actions of the secret organization ODESA, which hade saved many Nazis from the punishment. Organization TITO had created the block of the so-called nonaligned nations, through the connection Kremlin-Waldheim. Most of such counties were submitted to communism and brought to the misery by the loans of the World’s Bank and International monetary Fund, like it had happened to Yugoslavia. The same connection used the crime over Serbian nation called “People’s struggle from liberation” to legalize international terrorism under the veil of the same libration fronts in other countries. The same as Moscow used to be safe shelter to those “disappeared from the face of the earth” that is how Yugoslavia became that kind of the shelter after the World War II. Abu Nidal and criminals like him were strolling through Belgrade and Zagreb, protected from international justice. Cooperation of Mr. Kurt Waldheim with Comintern, which is actually his only crime, today is an obstacle to revealing the truth—revealing cruel truth about Josip Broz, organization Tito, and real participation of the communists in the war and the role they are playing in the world after the World War II…

… If the truth had been revealed, without any favorites, range of the crimes would develop into accusation that Mr. Kurt Waldheim was really a Nazi and it would turn into even more dreadful indictments of the communism, in general, and especially against communist in Yugoslavia.

Revealing the truth about the range of the crimes which Yugoslavian communists had committed would also have uncovered that fabricated “Serbian hegemony” is actually hegemony against the Serbs, which is now obvious through the controlled part of the world’s press.

The execution of the blessed King Aleksandar, by the communists, was just the beginning of the execution of the entire Serbian nation in general, which lasts till the present day…

Serbs, communists had killed your King.

Serbs, why are you keeping flowers on his grave, in the center of the freethinking Belgrade!!??

Serbs, your barricade is against communism!







Article from the daily newspapers “POLITIKA”



Secrets of Broz and Vienna


Who paid the killer of the King Aleksandar?

·                   In connection with the assassin Petrus Kellerman and Milan Gorkic, the chief of Comintern for Balkans.

·                   The contribution of the Austrian secret agent, former corporal in the army

King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic had been killed in Marseille on October 9th, 1934. The assassin Petrus Kellerman took the secret and the answer to the question who is really behind the execution of the King in Marseille, together with him, to the grave. Certain results of the French investigation point to the possibility that some strains of the King Aleksandar’s murder had actually been pulled from Vienna.

Serbian writer in immigration Petar Milatovic-Ostroski is writing about the entire matter with more details in his book “Hunting Tito”.  Author’s conclusion, based on the results of the French investigation as well as on his own findings, is that behind the murder in Marseille aren’t Croatian Ustahas, as everybody thought for a long time. Petar Milatovic-Ostroski thinks that the assassin Petrus Kellerman was in collusion with some individuals in Vienna, who were also citizens of the Yugoslavian Kingdom.


Subversion of the Serbs and capricious French


Results of the French investigation point to the concrete trace of the people from Vienna who the assassin from Marseille had been in contact with. A person with the last name Gorkic had been mentioned as one of the main Kellerman’s connections in Austrian capital city city.

It’s been established that mentioned Gorkic gave to Petrus Kellerman larger amounts of money, on several occasions, between 1930 and 1933.



Petar Milatovic-Ostroski


“Since the crime had been committed in 1934”–Petar Milatovic-Ostroski writes in his book—“and since there were no witnesses willing to say anything, investigators found it impossible to connect all revealed facts with conspiracy. However, the investigation had also discovered that one member of the Austrian secret military service had visited France on several occasions, since April to October 1934. During every visit, this agent of the Austrian military service had been in contact with the assassin Kellerman.”

Austrian authorities had rejected that possibility, back then, as well as today. Vienna estimated the result of the French investigation as “the subversion of the Serbs and capricious French”.


Agent among communists


In his book “Hunting Tito” Petar Milatovic-Ostroski is writing with more details about mysterious Gorkic and secret agent of the Austrian military service.

“Certain Gorkic had really lived in Vienna at that time. His name was Milan Gorkic. He was the chief of Cominterna for Balkans with the main office in Vienna”, writes Petar Milatovic –Ostroski.

“He received Petrus Kelleraman several times. He gave large amounts of money to Petrus on, several occasions… It has been established that Gorkic had really stopped every kind of contact with Kellerman during the fall in 1933. However, it has also been established that contact had been continued in the spring of 1934, through a secret agent of the Austrian military-intelligence service, who had personally delivered confidential mail to Kellerman and gave him money and new instructions for his actions in France. French investigations had established that this Austrian secret agent used to be corporal in Austria-Hungary army, that he is of Croatian descent and that he had been inserted among communists, by the assignment of The Austrian secret service.”

It is well known that Josip Broz had left the prison in Maribor, on March 12th, 1934. He went to Vienna, after that. It is also known fact that that he had met Milan Gorkic in Austrian capital city, who he had spent several days together with. Of course, it is very hard to determine what kind of assignments Josip Broz had got from Gorkic. After that, Broz went to France under the false name, so there are many reasons to question whether Josip Broz is that first-class secret agent who had, by the orders of Milan Gorkic, reestablished the contact with subsequent assassin of the King Aleksandar. Did Broz, as the confidential courier gave money and instructions to Petrus Kellerman?

After the execution of the King Aleksandar in Marseille, Josip Broz’ trial is temporarily being lost in Western Europe. French investigators had unsuccessfully searched fort the man who was the connection between Milan Gorkic and King’s assassin Petrus Kellerman. From the official biography of Josip Broz it is well known that he was in Moscow at that time, far away from the reach of the French investigators and their unpleasant questions.

Josip Broz had left Soviet Union on October 1396. The road led him to Vienna first, where he had met Milan Gorkic. There aren’t any reliable proofs what did they talk about. However, it is known that after Josip’s short visit to Vienna, Milan Gorkic had urgently went to Soviet Union where he got killed in Stalin’s purges. After all that had been said, there are justified reasons to ask whether Milan Gorkic got killed as, alleged “traitor of the communism”, or perhaps because he was one of the rare witnesses who knew a lot more about background of the murder of the Yugoslavian King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

Josip Broz arrived to Vienna at that tome, as the new leader of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and therefore he was the only one who could have ordered Milan Gorkic to do to Moscow at once, where he had ended his life.

Archives, which contain documents concerning Marseille’s assassination, are still far away from the public’s eyes. Obviously, some people still care a lot that the truth about who gave the order for the King’s murder and paid for the assassin, does not come to the light.

 Zarko  Rakic











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