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Unholy Terror

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Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa'ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad (Hardcover) 
by John R. Schindler (Author) 
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These are the points that he makes in his book. Stella

. how the Bosnian conflict has been misrepresented by the mainstream media, covering
up the large role played by radical Islam and al-Qa'ida;
. how Osama bin Laden used Bosnia as a base for terrorist operations
worldwide-including attacks on the United States from the Millennium Plot to 9/11;
. how veterans of the Bosnian jihad have murdered thousands of Americans and
conducted terrorist attacks around the world;
. how the Clinton administration, in collaboration with Iran, secretly supplied
Bosnia's mujahidin, including al-Qa'ida, with millions of dollars of weapons and
. how America's Bosnian allies have been in covert alliances with radical
anti-American regimes in several countries;
. why Bosnia and its secret jihad matter to America and our War on Terrorism today.

Editorial Reviews

Book Description

Al-Qa'ida: in the 80s they were in Afghanistan, supported by America and fighting
the Russians.  In the new century they have metastasized throughout the world's
geopolitical body. Where were they in the 90s? Unholy Terror provides the answer,
with all its terrifying implications for our world today.
This book provides the missing piece in the puzzle of al-Qa'ida's transformation
from an isolated fighting force into a lethal global threat:  the Bosnian war of
1992 to 1995.  John R. Schindler reveals the unexamined role that radical Islam
played in that terrible conflict--and the ill-considered contributions of American
policy to al-Qa'ida's growth.  His book explores a truth long hidden from view: 
that, like Afghanistan in the 1980s, Bosnia in the 1990s became a training ground
for the mujahidin.  Unholy Terror at last exposes the shocking story of how bin
Laden successfully exploited the Bosnian conflict for his own ends--and of how the
U. S. Government gave substantial support to his unholy warriors, leading to
blowback of epic proportions.

From the Inside Flap

The Bosnian conflict of 1992 to 1995 has been largely misrepresented in the West . .
. until now. In Unholy Terror, John R. Schindler-professor of strategy at the Naval
War College and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence
officer-reappraises the war in Bosnia, illuminating its pivotal role in the
development of radical Islamic terrorism.
The long hidden truth is that Bosnia played the same role for al-Qa'ida in the 1990s
that Afghanistan did in the 1980s, providing a battleground where mujahidin could
learn to wage holy war. Schindler exposes how Osama bin Laden exploited the Bosnian
conflict for his own ends and the disturbing level of support the U.S. government
gave to the Bosnian mujahidin-just as had been done with the Afghan mujahidin.
Repeating the mistakes of Afghanistan contributed to blowback of epic proportions:
Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (the mastermind of 9/11) and two of the 9/11 hijacker pilots
were veterans of the Bosnian jihad.
Unholy Terror is a compelling and meticulously researched step toward finally
learning the lessons of Bosnia, which can only help in the continuing battle against
Muslim extremists and their global jihad.

From the Back Cover

Al-Qa'ida. In the 1980s they were in Afghanistan, supported by the United States as
they fought the Soviets; by the new millennium they were responsible for the
deadliest attack on American soil in the history of the republic. Where were they in
between, and how did they transform themselves from scrappy Afghan rebels to
worldwide threat? This enlightening new book, Unholy Terror, provides the
frightening answer: the Bosnian war of 1992 to 1995 was the core of Osama bin
Laden's growing global jihad. It is frightening not so much because of the tragedies
of that war, but because those tragedies occurred under the nose of the U.S.
government-at times with U.S. complicity.
John R. Schlinder served for nearly a decade with the National Security Agency-work
which took him to many countries in support of U.S. and allied forces operating in
the Balkans-and was NSA's top Balkans expert. He is uniquely qualified to
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