Albert Heijn excavator 








Text and commentary by Slobodan Mitric with the links where

they can be read and listened to in the original Dutch language.



So the case is finished …
Murder solved .. victim and offender are dead ..
There are letters between Healey and General van der Klugt (Director of Philips) ..
Furthermore, this joke is very interesting …
By ‘chance’ they come across Ferdi Elsas electrical engineer  ..
I am not a clairvoyant ..
There are written statements deposited at [Amsterdam] notary Os that it concerns an aeronautical electrical engineer …
That the perpetrators of Heijn would cut off a finger…
They would demand a ransom in various currencies ..
They wiould ask diamonds .. it was known that all those diamonds would be less than one carat because it is easy to sell them and that on those diamonds is impossible to place a laser mark (at that time) ..
This case I qualify as a perfect crime ..
Those corrupt members of the Dutch secret service show their ‘masterpiece’ ..
Do not know to what extent this journalist is involved … seems eminently a criminal .. but it does not matter ..
Heijn family has given permission to publish this case ..
Why only now …
Why not when Elsas was alive ..
My belief is that "The Golden Tip" scared everyone to bits  ..
Albert Heijn after all did business with the underworld in the seventies ..


Of course I intend to do something …
After all, I know this Mister Klück personally…
Met him in connection with the case Heijn and spoke with him half an hour before prosecutor de Ruiter had approached Professor Rüter .. when Prof. Rüter mentioned Klück  I assumed that it was the director of Philips, because he was at that time head of the special Dutch secret service with whom I did business … I am surprised  only now professor Rüter and prosecutor de Ruiter sent me to Bloemendaal to the person I had already spoken and given him my terms …


Police oficir Klück

Klück knew that it had to do with an aeronautical-electrical engineer … that Sietsma, his boss is corrupt and was behind this abduction – this Klück also knew everything about the cutting off of a finger, about the ransom and the diamonds and also that the perpetrators would demand their ransom in two phases, with the understanding that after they received the money and diamonds the first time,  nothing will be heard from them again …
This Klück lied a lot .. My video will explain everything … It is hoped that in the future he will be interrogated by an official independent commission where he then will have to explain everything …
Am not sure if Laterveer is the same person from the ]Dutch] former Secret Service (BVD) that I spoke on phone and to whom I told all about Sietsma…He was added to the case, because it was proven that Sietsma was corrupt and that he knew the perpetrators personally … Two of the perpetrators were Sietsma’s men from the arrest team of the Amsterdam police, who in a raid on the arrest team of the Rotterdam municipal police ripped off 200 kilos of pure cocaine and gave it to Kees Sietsma…
Both offenders who worked for Sietsma were, after it was known that they might endanger Sietsma,  wound up liquidated on the same spot at a gas station where the arrest team of the Amsterdam municipal police squad raided the Rotterdam municipal police and ripped off the 200 kilos of cocaine.. .


This constitutes a very dangerous mob in police uniforms …. Almost all the offenders who were planning to abduct and murder Crown Prince Willem Alexander – who were exposed on time, a few of the major figures were liquidated and of whom the rest in order to cover their expenses invested from the cash register of Sietsma was going to abduct Heijn – were members of the Sietsma-syndicate…
Elsas speaks a half-truth … Elsas did not know that Heijn would be liquidated …. When suddenly it happened, he was shocked .. The little finger was severed when Heijn Heijn was still alive … This could also be established, because the clothes there were smeared with Heijns blood ..
Heijn was not abducted by Elsas, but by three gang members and after everything happened was brought to that place, where in advance a grave had been prepared … The head of the gang had already liquidated and buried a few people in that way before that … The sawed-off shotgun had been used before for a few liquidations … The counting on the tape by Heijn took place in a house that the perpetrators burned down afterwards …
But I will now focus on this video with Elsas where it can be shown that he was only a small cog in the whole-Sietsma syndicate …

One of the female members of the Haarlem police operating under Sietsma and Klück had come to that terrain behind Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, and via Matilda  approached Roy Zijnen and the sisters Suzanne and Marlene Kooy to enter false declaration of rape … This took place at the same time I was sent by  Attorney de Ruiter to Bloemendaal …
I personally met that Haarlem Mata Hari and talked to her in Mathilde’s caravan…

Note: All the characters mentioned in these two texts as well as the site behind the Amsterdam zoo and the commentary below can be found in the illustrated novel “The Golden Tip – The Entanglement of the Upper and underworld and the Murder of Gerrit Jan Hein” by Slobodan Mitric (2008)


Transcription of the commentary given by Slobodan Mitric after the end of the SBS television documentary on the 9th and last YouTube film segment.

Ferdi Elsas is dead, but this truth (photo of an excavator with the AH logo appears) cannot be buried with this Albert Heijn excavator.
There were so many things known beforehand, for example that the perpetrators after the abduction of Gerrit Jan Heijn would immediately force him to count to twenty, cut off his little finger and then murder and bury him the same day. Then they would send a letter, outlining their demands in different currencies, U.S. dollars, Deutsche Marken and Dutch money, but most importantly, they would also demand diamonds, lots of diamonds all less than one carat.

Attorney-General [Job] de Ruiter   med bril

All that was known to the Security Service of the Queen, because the perpetrators were first planning to abduct the crown prince [Willem-Alexander]. Then it was also made known to Attorney-General [Job] de Ruiter and to Klück and Laterveer as well. With Klück, I even spoke at the police station in Bloemendaal [village in the province of North Holland]  and after that there was a press conference in [the national Dutch newspaper] de Volkskrant – everything was made known. There the brother [Albert] of the abducted Gerrit Jan Heijn was also present. Everything that the perpetrators wanted was related, also not to agree to their demands, because the victim was dead.
All that was sabotaged by a certain Sietsma, who is designated as a major killer, who has the murder of eight heavy criminals weighing on his soul. There and then also evidence was shown, statements from police officers and members of the underworld, acting on behalf of Sietsma committed these murders. Sietsma had great interest in keeping everything under the table. Mr Klück knew that, the Attorney General knew that, everybody knew that and yet they act here if their nose bleeds, act as if they had no tipoff. They received a tip six months before the abduction of Mr. Gerrit Jan Heijn that this would happen. They had enough time to prevent it.
When it happened, it was too late, so naturally I was forced to provide evidence, which clearly states, and which also clearly happened that – which can also clearly be seen in that movie – exactly what I said, what the intelligence service to which I belonged I had collected, everything happened what I has said and nobody can ignore that.
All these statements are filed with notary Os, and several journalists also have copies of these statements.

Then you can also see in that film itself that Ferdi Elsas says he was told that he had been under observation a few months and not just three weeks. Klück is lying, he has big reasons to lie. He knew everything and Elsas says, they told me that I was observed a few month; that is true, they knew even even six months in advance that it would happen, they knew that there was an electrical engineer involved with aircraft  who was fired, that he belonged to the mafia. He himself has not done it, you can see in his film that he did not say I’ve done it, but that is how it happened. That is clear. If he had done it, it would have to say, I have done that, no, he says, so it must have happened.


Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princes Maksima

 Afterwards in the police station on the images it can clearly be seen that Elsas was drugged, that Mr. Klück gives him a rolled-up cigarette, which in advance of course was treated with drugs, special drugs and the moment Elsas draws the first smoke – he got a strange cigarette of course – and if he blows out the smoke, you see that there is a special white smoke. With that, the case is solved.




The book’s publisher Dutch-Canadian Robert Jan Kelder of the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation in Amsterdam will be promoting this astounding true crime story with a “Lady Di Lives..” banner at the Book Expo America at the Javits Exhibition Center in New York from May 25-27, where the book is featured at the New Title Showcase. Kelder can be contacted there via the London Book Fair Lounge. Messages can also be left at the Hotel Carter in New York 212 9446000 from Sunday May 23 to May 31.








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