OPERATION TWINS 9/11 – The Accusation (part 3) By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric




















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Slobodan Radojev Mitrić



9/11 – The Accusation



Karl opens the hatch of the aircraft. At a height of ten thousand meters, he jumps head first into the abyss, followed by Frans and Sigrid.
They plummet down like arrows.
All three breathe oxygen from special bottles. Far below them lies a dense cloud cover. In dozens of seconds, the trio is lost in evaporated water. Immediately afterwards they see vast prairies.
At a height of less than three hundred meters, Karl pulls the handle. The parachute opens. His friends follow him. Soon all three successfully hit the dry grass.
All of them neatly untie the parachutes and pack them in. They take off their backpack and their parachute overalls, which they had put over their street clothes.
Schmidt picks up a small military shovel and quickly digs a hole. Robert and Karl do the same.
Within minutes, they bury the parachutes and the equipment.
Karl takes a cell phone from his leather pilot jacket and a taps a number. Immediately
he gets connected. “Hello! Here black eagle number 2."
"Are you all right!"
"Yes! Are the others okay?"
"Yes and no!"
"I don’t understand!"
"I’ll tell you later. No one saw you!"
"First Eagle successfully found his nest. But the third and fourth died in the air."
"You’re joking …"
"Unfortunately not!  But somebody else is involved in the game and visited another unplanned nest."
"How come?!"
"We don’t know. But the goal is even better than we dreamed."
Karl passes the good news out loud. "Guys. The first tower and another nest have been hit."
Frans and Sigrid shout of happiness, "Bravo!"
From the cell phone, a rough voice is heard. "Are you crazy. Psssst! "
Karl puts his finger on his lips. "Psssst!"
His friends quiet down. The voice from the phone says, "In a few minutes, we will see your artwork. Now follow the instructions."
"Okay, boss. Goodbye. "
"Good luck!"
The threesome walks to highway.


The modified Boeing 767, Flight UA 175, is heading for New York. The receiver sends signals. The computer in the Boeing reduces the altitude. Underneath the aircraft appear skyscrapers. The computer lowers the altitude again to three hundred meters.
New Yorkers look up and shout in chorus, "Good God! Not again!"
At exactly 5 minutes after 9 ‘o clock, the nose of the Boeing, in which 200 kg. first grade uranium was built, kisses at full speed the receiving device located in an office of the south tower of the World Trade Center. A huge explosion sounds. Immediately, the fuel tank explodes, causing a huge fireball that spreads at lightning speed. All civil servants on that floor are also burnt alive as if they were candles.
New Yorkers are looking in stunned silence at the large fire.
Black smoke from both towers rises into the air.
The taxi driver and his customer steps out of the cab. "Well, this is no coincidence, I tell you! This is terrorism."
His customer nods! "Yes! Yes! You’re right! "



I regret that my writer deemed it in his preface necessary to bring  some internal matters to the fore that in my opinion are based on communication problems between us, or on too high expectations on my part, but I appreciate his offer to give my views on this issue. The sums he mentions are indeed true. I was also convinced that I would be able to obtain this money  for this valuable book project "911 – The Accusation" through acquaintances, friends and colleagues in America and here in the Netherlands. On that basis, I promised this to my writer, who began writing and to engage other people. With that hope and expectation, I went earlier this year to America to the Book Expo America in New York and elsewhere to seek and find people, friends, or American publishers, who perhaps could help the book project get of the ground. But even publishers in New York showed no interest in the real story behind the attacks on their city. When the amount of 100,000 proved thus too ambitious, I thought it would be possible to get at least the 10,000  together.  I approached my brother and friends, but unfortunately that only yielded the first € 1,000. So to my great regret, I could not deliver on my promise towards my writer, who felt himself being fooled.

But that I would have been ruled by bosses is a misunderstanding. I am a free spirit and bosses I have not and never had. I do not know who they are …


Fonetisch lezen


Woordenboek – Gedetailleerd woordenboek weergeven

This book project is however not the first book of my writer that I’ve published. After publishing in 2005 the English translation of his "Operation Twins" (part 1) in 2006 an excerpt from Part 2, there appeared in 2008 "The Golden Tip – The Entanglement of the Upper and Underworld and the murder Gerrit Jan Heijn". From that book I knew from Chapter 53 that, in addition to Islamic fundamentalists and anarchists, Neo-Nazis or "Jerries” (Germans) were involved in 9/11. Indeed, my writer begins a scene from that chapter as follows: "General Raymond Healey, Founding Director of Reserve Police International (RPI), is updating the head of the CIA in the World Atomic Counter Espionage (WACE) headquarters in Tucson. ‘Bill, here is how things stand. We have solid information that Neo-Nazis together with anarchists and Islamic fundamentalists are planning airplane attacks on New York and Washington in order to provoke World War Three. Boycott China!’”
And finally, if I as a publisher would not appreciate modern fairy tales, why would I then have published the last book of my writer "Help! They kidnapped me! Lady Di ", of which the subtitle is "A modern fairytale"? Even after his earlier books brought no profits, but on the contrary many expenses and debts …
I hope that these matters are corrected and that we can now fully focus on this book project. As I wrote to one of the persons, who kindly donated money, the Englishman Graham:  This book can truly make  world history by solving one of the greatest mysteries, if not the greatest, of this young millennium and thereby at last bring the true perpetrators of 911 to justice. I urge all readers to help us do this if they can, particularly to provide my writer with the necessary resources to sustain his simple livelihood in order to finish writing his book.

Robert Jan Kelder

OPERATION TWINS 9/11 – The Accusation (part l 1) By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric 



  OPERATION TWINS 9/11 – The Accusation (part 2) By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric



  OPERATION TWINS 9/11 – The Accusation (part 3) By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric





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