OPERATION TWINS 9/11 – The Accusation (part l 1) By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric




















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OPERATION TWINS- 9/11 – The Accusation – By: Slobodan Radojev Mitric










9/11 ТУЖБА




Slobodan Radojev Mitrić



9/11 – The Accusation



This novel is a modern fairytale, for they asked me for the living truth. I asked for one hundred thousand Euros in return to write the second and third part of the book Operation Twins of the same novel that I started in 1982 and completed in 1986.
However, the CIA confiscated the second and third parts of the novel in the same year (1986).
The first part was published in the early nineties in the magazine “THE SERBIAN ARMY” and was then published in 1999 as a book with the ISBN 90-803811-3-6.
My publisher and his bosses promised in early 2010 that they would give me 100,000 Euro’s, if I would write the same novel again.
But the promise was, as people say – a promise for the joy of fools.
But I began to write. However, I received no money. We then agreed in early July 2010 to write a few chapters called "9 / 11 – The Accusation" for which they would give me 10. 000 Euro’s so I could pay my rent, electricity and heating while living on dry bread and water until the whole novel would be completed. And when the novel was finished, they would succeed in finding sponsors for the whole novel, and so would pay me the rest of the fee of 100.000 Euro’s.
I wrote the first chapter and was given a deposit of 1,000 Euro’s.
But when I confided to my publisher that the leading actors in the novel "9 / 11 – The Accusation" were Jerries (Germans), suddenly all went downhill.

Every day he invented a new lie.
In fact, my publisher and his bosses hoped that they would find the names of the characters they had in mind, names of Jews, in the book "9 / 11 – The Accusation."
Because I only write fairytales, I could not agree to that.
In fairytales you cannot lie, but give the will to imagination.
So I thanked my publisher and told him that he could not publish this novel, but instead a real publisher, who praises and appreciates true, modern fairy tales …

Slobodan Radojev Mitric





Schmidt opens the hatch of the aircraft. At a height of ten thousand meters, he jumps head first into the abyss, followed by Rita and Dolf.
They plummet down like arrows.
All three breathe oxygen from special bottles. Far below them lies a dense cloud cover. In dozens of seconds, the trio is lost in evaporated water. Immediately afterwards they see vast prairies.
At a height of less than three hundred meters, Schmidt pulls the handle. The parachute opens. His friends follow him. Soon all three successfully hit the dry grass.
All of them untie the parachutes and pack them in. They take off their backpack and their parachute overalls, which they had put over their street clothes.
Schmidt picks up a small military shovel and quickly digs a hole. Rita and Dolf do the same.
Within minutes, they bury the parachutes and the equipment.
Schmidt draws a cell phone from his leather pilot jacket and a taps a number. Immediately
he gets connected. Although they are far from an inhabited area, he whispers, "Hello! Here, the black eagle."
"Are you all right!"
"Yes! All three of us are alive and well."
"Nobody saw you!"
"Okay! Good luck. "
The threesome walks to the highway.


The modified Boeing 767-200, Flight AA 11, flies on its way to New York. The receiver sends signals. The computer in the Boeing’s decreases altitude. Underneath the aircraft appear tall buildings. The computer reduces the altitude again to three hundred meters. The large noise causes New Yorkers to look up.
A taxi driver peeks through his open window. Waving a clenched fist, he yells, "The route of the pilot is not normal. A building will be hit!"
His customer peeks at the sky. "Maybe he’s drunk."
At exactly 46 minutes after 8 o’clock, the nose of the Boeing 767-200, in which 200 kg. first grade uranium has been built, kisses at full speed the receiving device, which is located in an office of the north tower of the World Trade Center. A strong explosion sounds. Immediately, the fuel tank explodes, causing a huge fire that spreads at lightning speed. All civil servants on that floor are burned alive like candles.
The whole tower is in panic. People run toward the elevators and emergency exits on the stairs. They push each other. Hysterical women are screaming and falling down on the marble floors. Men are trampling them. Everyone wants to leave the building as quickly as possible.
New Yorkers watch the big fireball in stunned silence. Black smoke rises into the air that seems to have returned from the days that the natives of the new continent sent smoke signals.
The taxi driver hits both hands on the wheel.
"What did I tell you!"
His customer nods! "Yes! Yes! Unfortunately, you were right!"


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